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SONIK S4 Carp Fishing Rod 12ft 3lb 3.25lb 3.50lb - 50mm Butt Ring - Slim Shrink

SONIK S4 Carp Fishing Rod 12ft 3lb 3.25lb 3.50lb - 50mm Butt Ring - Slim Shrink

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SONIK S4 Carp Rod 12ft - 3lb, 3.25lb 3.50lb - 50mm Butt Ring - Slim Shrink Handle

RRP £189.99

S4 Carp Rod

Replacing the previous SK4XTR range, these are powerhouse, long range casting rods that will suit anglers who are fishing larger waters, where the need to punch a large PVA bag into the wind demands extra power in the butt section and a tip that will not fold under pressure.
The stiffer butt sections are extra reinforced with a 1K carbon weave that aids looks and performance, whilst the tip sections are still forgiving for playing fish under the rod tip at close range.
Slim shrink in 50mm option only, the custom black Sonik DPS 18mm reel seat, lightweight black double leg SIC guides and laser etched butt cap are matched to black tyings with metallic red highlight tippings give a pleasing and high quality look to the rods.
Ultra-powerful low resin carbon fibre blanks incorporating 1K carbon weave on butt section

Available in full cork or slim shrink wrap handles
‘Line-friendly’ side mounted custom Sonik line clip
Lightweight double leg black 50mm SIC guides
Custom black Sonik DPS 18mm reel seat
Black, laser etched butt cap
Metallic red highlight tippings

S4CR1    12'    3.00lb    50mm    Slim Shrink
S4CR2    12'    3.25lb    50mm    Slim Shrink
S4CR3    12'    3.50lb    50mm    Slim Shrink
Description Weight
3lb S4 - S4CR1 0.00
3.25lb S4 - S4CR2 0.00
3.50lb S4 - S4CR3 0.00

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