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Garbolino BLAST Margin Carp 4.85m Pole - 4 Section - GOMRE8210

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HR carbon construction
    Top 2 Elastic Control Teflon 4mm

Package composition:

Garbolino Blast Margin Carp 4,85m

1 x Power Kit
1 x 75cm extensioon
1 x 125cm extension
1 Holdall
Length: 4.85m

No.of sections: 4

Overall transport dimensions: 1.53m

Weight: 490g

Carp Pole designed to search for specimens in the margins. With a length of 4m85 this pole is near indestructible. Coupled with a hollow elastic you will have THE tool to counter the 'runs' of the most powerful fish.
Description Weight
Garbolino BLAST Margin Carp 4.85m Pole - 4 Section - GOMRE8120 0.00

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