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Browning Commercial King Quickfish Bomb 10ft or 11ft Feeder Rod

The Commercial King2 QUICKFISH 10ft BOMB or the 11ft 20-60g FEEDER. The 11ft FEEDER features the Ready to Fish Telescopic Section

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The unique mix of a long top section and extending butt section provides a perfect parabolic rod action with absolutely no flatspots.

A unique hook storage tube is fitted which protects and prevents the hook snagging the bag and keeps the end tackle tidy.

The CK Quickfish rods are available in 2 lengths, a 10ft/3m Bomb rod and a 11ft/3.3m Carp Feeder rod, both perfect for method feeder techniques.

The 11ft Feeder offers a totally new design concept which allows a rod to be assembled and "ready to fish" in less than 15 seconds.
Completely eliminates the irritating tangles and damaged quivertips suffered when carrying and assembling a conventional 2 or 3 piece rod. Just push in the quivertip, extend the lower telescopic section and you are fishing!

12205300 10ft Bomb - 3 to 6lb
1 x Glass 1oz
1 x Glass 1.5oz
1 x Carbon 2oz

12205330 11ft Feeder - 20g to 60g "Ready to Fish"
1 x Glass 1oz
1 x Glass 1.5oz
Description Weight
Commercial King Quickfish Bomb 10' 0.00
Commercial King Quickfish Feeder 11' 0.00

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