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MAVER SMART Dual Band Sinking Mono

A Japanese design that 'joins' two lines into one & includes a bioresin treatment

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Maver Dual Band Mono,

Dual Band monofilament is composed of two different lines which are actually fused together during the manufacturing process. The line is treated with an environmentally-friendly bio-resin and then coated with a special UV treatment to cut down damage from harmful UV rays.

The strength of this mono is nothing short of incredible, the knot strength is outstanding and the memory is virtually zero. Dual Band is the perfect hybrid between braid and mono. Very low stretch but remarkable linear strength with ultra-low diameters.

Use as a main pole line for heaving big carp from weedbeds or as a reel line that offers punch on the cast but provides the qualities of braid for shy-biting skimmers.

The larger sizes are certain to attract the carp angler who needs the perfect presentation backed up by supreme strength. Already a proven big seller.

Available in sizes: 0.16mm, 0.26mm, 0.28mm

Description Weight
0.16mm - 4.6lb 0.00
0.26mm - 11.2lb 0.00
0.28mm - 13lb 0.00

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