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KORUM Fibrespace Brolly - KMLUG/51

(Open) 150cm wide x 160cm High

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Korum Fibrespace Brolly

Extra headroom
Strong central pole
Fibreglass construction
Inbuilt stability rods as standard
Comes with a set of hard-wearing pegs
Two threaded attachments for storm poles
(Poles not included)

One of the best features of the Korum Fibrespace Brolly is its increased headroom. It is Korum’s most spacious brolly to date and it has been designed to accommodate chairs with longer legs and higher backs. This means that if you’re an angler who is slightly taller, or you’re someone who prefers to sit a little higher in order to obtain a better view over your swim, you can do so comfortably in this Korum Fibrespace Brolly. Korum have been able to create this additional headroom by reducing the spoke design of the brolly, allowing you to sit completely upright without the risk that you’ll hit your head. Not only can you sit tall in this brolly but it can also accommodate most standard sized bedchairs. This allows you to use this brolly for all your quick overnight sessions, allowing you to keep sheltered from the elements on the bank.

As the name suggests, the Korum Fibrespace Brolly has been manufactured from a fibreglass material. This significantly reduces the overall weight of the brolly and it makes it incredibly easy to transport between swims. The low weight of this brolly makes the Korum Fibrespace Brolly the ideal choice for the angler who likes to be able to remain mobile on the bank, as well as the angler looking to consolidate their gear. It comes with a set of heavy-duty pegs as standard, allowing you to secure the brolly down in even the windiest conditions. Although it is fitted with two storm pole attachments, please not that the poles themselves are not included and are available to purchase separately.
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