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Map Carptek ACS 4000FS Reel - C0905

Single and double handles with soft touch rubber grip.

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The MAP Carptek range has been blowing the socks of many in the carp fishing community who simply can’t believe that a reel this good is so reasonably priced. In a classy all black, this Carptek ACS 4000FS features countless features that are more commonly seen on reels twice the price. A classic freespool reel in all senses, this is a carp reel that offers unrivalled bankside performance.

By far and away the most impressive feature that this reel plays host to is MAP’s patented ACS line clip. This line clip has been revolutionary for the industry as it allows you to fish with complete confidence on the clip. Operating on a sprung system, the ACS line clip allows you use any line type you like, whether that’s monofilament or a thin braid. What makes this system completely unique though is its automatic release. As soon as a fish starts to run with your line the line clip releases – with the ACS line clip long gone are the days of scrabbling to unhook your line with each take. Now you can simply pick up your rod and strike into your fish with confidence – resulting in fewer lost takes and more landed fish.

This isn’t the only brilliant technology to feature on the MAP Carptek ACS 4000FS, though, and the reel also plays host to eight plus one ball bearings. These ensure that the reel able to fulfil its promise of ultra-smooth performance. The rotor on the reel has been technologically balanced and the line roller has been fitted with anti-twist technology. This not only preserves the life of your line but it also ensures that each cast and retrieve is flawless. The reel has a sensitive drag system that allows you to capitalise on every take and it offers the option of both single and double handled winding. This allows you to balance your reel to your own exacting specifications to ensure you get maximum bankside performance.

Key Features

    World wide patented design ACS Clip System
    8 + 1 ball bearings
    Instant anti-reverse
    Balanced rotor
    Anti-twist line roller
    Sensitive drag system
    Single and double handles with soft touch rubber grip
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