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Map Carptek ACS 4000 FD Reel - C0909

Single and double handles with soft touch rubber grip.

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MAP is a brand that is best known for its incredible range of tackle across the coarse and match discipline and this Carptek ACS 4000 FD reel aims to further revolutionise the discipline – as well as creating outstanding tackle for carp fishing on the country’s best commercials. There are a number of reels in the new Carptek range, and this 4000 size is ideal for tackling the larger of the waters the UK has to offer – idela for the angler who has the slightly bigger target fish in mind.

The Carptek 4000 is fitted with MAP’s innovative ACS line clip. This is possible one of the biggest advances in line clip technology that the angling market has seen and the ACS offers major benefits over any other line clip on the market. Like any good quality line clip, the MAP ACS allows you to fish on the clip without the risk of damaging your line – no matter what line type you’re using. This means you can fish tight up to features or out into open waters for big fish with incredible accuracy each time. However, where the line clip really excels is when you manage to hook your quarry. As soon as the fish starts to run, the line clip automatically disengages. This means that you are not faced with the panic of having to unhook your line whilst you’re also trying to fight a big carp – resulting in fewer lost fish and more landed catches.

Although the ACS line clip is incredibly impressive and offers superb benefits, this isn’t the only feature of the reel that puts it head and shoulders above the competition. The MAP Carptek ACS 4000 is fitted with eight plus one ball bearings, which means it is incredibly smooth operating on the retrieve. The drag system on this reel is highly tuned and sensitive and its rotor has been balanced to ensure that this reel sits perfectly and performs to its best on any rod setup. Supplied with both single and double handles, this reel is versatile and ideal for use across the coarse and carp discipline.

Key Features

    World wide patented design ACS Clip System
    8 + 1 ball bearings
    Instant anti-reverse
    Balanced rotor
    Anti-twist line roller
    Sensitive drag system
    Single and double handles with soft touch rubber grip

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